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Pastor Defoe is thoroughly familiar with the writings of the leading scientific spokespersons. Within the secular sphere he has immersed himself in the writings of all the key figures from biologists Stephen Jay Gould to Richard Dawkins and philosophers Daniel Dennett to Michael Ruse. In the Christian sphere, he expounds beautifully on the work of Francis Collins, Karl Giberson, and John Polkinghorne. His knowledge of the work of the key players in the Intelligent Design movement runs deep and extends into the work of leading proponents of the young earth position as well.


This book with its hundreds of references is any scholar’s dream, but each concept is well-explained and never presented in a dry scholarly fashion. ​For many years, those of us in leadership positions in the scientific discussions of the science/faith interface have longed for a pastor’s perspective on this topic. The challenge has been that pastors have many vital and urgent responsibilities that prohibit them having the time to learn the science, while also caring for the day-to-day challenges of their parishioners. This book is the exception that we have hoped would one day emerge.


Written with the heart and sensitivity of a pastor, it is a call to the Church to bring the two different aspects of God’s reality into one united whole. The call this book makes is urgent, but it is nonetheless patiently and beautifully presented. It is my hope and expectation that in future years, church persons will look back at this book, with a sense of thankfulness – both to Pastor Defoe for his faithfulness and to our God for the majesty of his creation process.


    DARREL R. FALK, PhD. Past president of BioLogos,

A Faith / Science Advocacy Organization Founded by Francis Collins ​

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Modern Christianity is at a crossroads. Some major denominations are in turmoil around social and political issues, and there is no question that the church is in crisis; the massive departure of large numbers of young people from the pews is one symptom of that crisis. There are many challenges facing the church, but one of the most powerful, and potentially dangerous is the challenge of modern science, especially when wielded as a weapon in the hands of a new and aggressive form of atheism.  The claim that science has displaced faith, that logic and reason convict God of non-existence has achieved widespread acceptance among the youth of the Western world and has been almost totally incorporated into the academic world view. How can Christians counter this alarming trend?


The first step is to understand the details of the various points of view of contemporary Christian thinkers about the relationship of science to Christianity.  ​Pastor Terry Defoe’s book, Evolving Certainties is an excellent tool to gain the basic knowledge needed to understand where we are, and where we should be heading. Defoe covers every aspect of the various belief systems proposed by Christians to handle the mass of scientific information now flooding our culture. From Young Earth Creationism to Intelligent Design to Evolutionary Creationism, Defoe presents a thorough and beautifully written analysis of the logic, history, benefits and pitfalls of each of these very different ways handling science within the context of Christian faith.  


This book tackles difficult questions head on and is an example of intellectual honesty and courage that all Christians can emulate. The book delves into the thorny issues of hermeneutics for each of these belief systems, and presents all sides of the controversies surrounding each of them. Defoe has his own point of view, which he expresses with love and tolerance for all those who advocate the cause of Christ. This book will go a long way to educating the Christian public on what their fellow believers actually believe and why. Armed with this understanding, readers of Evolving Certainties will be able to make choices, and unite in common cause for the sake of faith in our common Savior.    

SY GARTE, Ph.D., Editor

American Scientific Affiliation

God and Nature Online Magazine

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One thing that really stood out to me about this book was the pastoral heart of the
author. Rev. Terry Defoe is a retired pastor who served congregations in Western
Canada for almost 40 years. He writes out of pastoral concern for Christians who have
questions or wrestle with topics of science and how they fit into their Christian faith
and belief.


After the book’s main body is an appendix that contains and discusses several surveys about evolution, science, and religion/faith, their specific questions, and the results. After the appendix is an impressive bibliography. The book contains numerous end  notes and the author has clearly researched this topic thoroughly. 

I highly recommend this book for pastors and Christians who have questions about  science and where modern scientific discoveries fit in their faith and theology. The conversational approach in this book is gentle but firm and not a threat to the Christian faith or those wishing to understand views beyond their own. 


American Scientific Affiliation

Senior Advanced Systems Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace

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